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How to Integrate WordPress blog to your existing Website

Basically you can think of WP as a collection of functions or scripts that do specific things. If you want to have your site title to be somewhere on the page, you simply type in: This piece of code is all that is required on your part to achieve the desired affect. So let’s get down to brass tacks. Say you have a site all ready to go, and you only want to use WP to power the text of your site;

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How to Add Extra Sidebar to your WordPress Theme

Normally the wordpress theme has only one sidebar! But if you need more than one and want to switch some other theme with more sidebars. Then this tutorial is helpful for you Let me teach you how to add an extra sidebar or sidebars to your favorite theme. People who know PHP will find it easy to follow the code that I have provided in this tutorial. I am assuming that you already know HTML and a bit of CSS.
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