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Why Custom Product Designer by Mage-people is Best ?

Today I have reviewed a very new Magento extension Custom Product Designer.  by Mage-people and I am very much exited about it, It has some feature that no one will find to any others existing website. logo

I tested fully extension and found very good things about this extension thats why i am trying  if it will help someone before buying.

 All Feature List

  •  Supports any type of product like Simple product, configurable product etc
  • Admin can download separate parts of design like Text design, Images that can easily    used for     printing without designers help
  • Works also on iPad, iPhone, iPod, It is fully Responsive
  • Very easy and one-click installation, Just need to copy and paste to root directory  where magento installed
  • Supports multi-color products
  • Advanced pricing integration, admin can define price for Art image and text adding price
  • Custom product options and configurable products integration
  • Add your own fonts
  • Customer can upload own Art Design or logo design. and admin can add gallery images from admin panel
  • Clear user interface
  • Text Design – Customer can design text on design, change font, size etc
  • Single Page Design.
  • Only HTML5 + CSS3 +JS, Design tool without flash
  • No monthly fee, fully integrated
  • No monthly fees, 100% customizable design based on Magento templates.
  • Magento version compatible:Magento Community: 1.4.x – 1.8.x and Magento Enterprise: all versions
  • Administrator can set price for each product custom option
  • The price can change at every option, eg Color, Size, Material, Product Type, ..etc
  • Administrator can create library’s artworks
  • Customer can add text and transform
  • Customer can upload artworks or use artwork libraries
  • No required special PHP module
  • Customer’s design will be saved and customer can reorder again from account page
  • Admin Can download separate parts of design for printing.
  • 100% money back guarantee if extension does not work 


All these feature they have but I am pointing some important feature specially.
Same page design.  Customer can design product like T-shirt, Mug, Any other product directly in product details page and finish buying in single step. but this is not implemented by other seller. Normally other seller did multiple step like saving then buying.
Also i like very simplicity of this extension. If you look their product adding page. Only price need to add for Artwork and text and enabling. this steps is very complex with other extension.
Another very important i should mention. They are allowing admin to download full design with separate parts for printing. so no need any extra time cost for admin to redesign by photoshop
Here I am giving some more feature details that they mentioned

Product Design Page

Product Design page is very simple to use, easy to Understand. Separate tabs for Artwork, Text adding and Custom Images uploading.

Artwork Tab: Customer can easily add artwork and change position easily by drag and drop function, Can resize artwork. only single click function. Customer can reset design and delete any part of design



Text Add Tab: anyone can add Custom Text to design and style text by changing font, color, Effect, font-size, more easy than normal text editor. Can easily change text position by Drag and drop function on design.

Image Upload Tab: From this section customer can upload any kind of custom Artwork or logo by himself to make design more unique. Very easy to upload and place custom artwork or logo to design.



Price Change:  Admin Can setup price for each Artwork and Text for Design. This price will be added with original price during design. as price will be change dynamically so customer will not be confused about product price.

product-page setup
Customer account page..customer Account page
I am happy after reviewing this extension. waiting to get sell summery. have a good wishes for them

Display Attribute label – and Attribute value in magento

To display attribute label:
and attribute value:
getAttributeText('my_attribute'); ?>

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Saving problem for Large Number of Attribute Option Labels in Magento

I had a problem (POST truncated) today and it comes from a too little POST limit. (or the standard PHP post_max_size)

i solved it with changing php.ini


you can try if you have same problem.

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How to Translate Text in Magento

1. Add the following code inside your custom module config.xml


2. Put Your Translation.csv inside app/locale/[your package]/

3. Use following code to translate it in frontend .

echo Mage::helper('modulename')->__('text to translate');

4. This is how your csv file should be .

“test to be translate”,”translating text”

and so on.


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Serching Product by Attribute from Product page.

Sometimes people to want to  display product attribute in product page. then they want to link this attribute. if someone click on that link then all product of that attribute will display as a search result. for example a movie disc selling site. or a book shop. has many artist list or actor list.  then you can easily filter them by attribute artist and actor. and this code will help you.

$catingArtist = $_product->getArtist();

<?php if(!empty($catingArtist)) {
$catingArtistArr = explode(',',$catingArtist);
$tagUrl = $this->getUrl('catalogsearch/advanced/result');
$tagUrl .='?artist=';

<?php if(count($catingArtistArr)>0) : ?>
<span style="padding:0px 2px 0px 2px;"><?php  echo $this->__('Cast:-') ?></span>
<?php foreach($catingArtistArr as $val) : ?>
<a href="<?php echo $tagUrl.$val?>" title="<?php echo $val; ?>" name="<?php echo $val; ?>" style="padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;"><?php echo $val; ?> </a>
<p title="<?php echo $val; ?>" name="<?php echo $val; ?>" style="padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;"><?php echo $val; ?> </p><span style="padding:0px 2px 0px 2px;"><?php echo $this->__('(Actor)') ?></span>
<?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

<?php } ?>

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How to solve Product Flat Data and Category Products (Indexed category/products association) reindex issue


Getting to this point ultimately lead to the resolution. Below is the process we used to solve the reindexing issue for Product Flat Data:

1) Export all catalog_product_flat _* tables with data and structure with “Disable foreign key checks” enabled.
2) Drop all catalog_product_flat _* tables.
3) Once check in Frontend , that products are categories are visible
4) Login to Magento backend
5) Go to: System -> Index Management
6) Click “Reindex Data” next to “Product Flat Data” index

Below is the process we used to solve the reindexing issue for Category Products (Indexed category/products association):

1) Log into phpMyAdmin
2) Go to `catalog_category_product_index`
3) Click “Export”.
4) Export only structure with “Disable foreign key checks” enabled.
5) Drop the table `catalog_category_product_index`
6) With the SQL that was exported, remove the constraints at the bottom of the export. Be sure to keep the “SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS” statements.
7) Click “SQL”, paste in modified SQL and click “Go”
8) Login to Magento backend
9) Go to: System -> Index Management
10) Click “Reindex Data” next to “Category Products” index


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