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Display Attribute label – and Attribute value in magento

To display attribute label:
and attribute value:
getAttributeText('my_attribute'); ?>

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Saving problem for Large Number of Attribute Option Labels in Magento

I had a problem (POST truncated) today and it comes from a too little POST limit. (or the standard PHP post_max_size)

i solved it with changing php.ini


you can try if you have same problem.

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How to Translate Text in Magento

1. Add the following code inside your custom module config.xml


2. Put Your Translation.csv inside app/locale/[your package]/

3. Use following code to translate it in frontend .

echo Mage::helper('modulename')->__('text to translate');

4. This is how your csv file should be .

“test to be translate”,”translating text”

and so on.


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