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How to delete all orders in Magento

Unfortunately, magento default does not have option for delete order in Magento by default. there are over hundred orders leave in backend which make our sales confused. In this case, you can execute following SQL statements to delete the ALL orders in MySQL database:

<pre>TRUNCATE TABLE {prefix}sales_flat_order;
TRUNCATE TABLE {prefix}sales_order_tax;
TRUNCATE TABLE {prefix}downloadable_link_purchased;
DELETE FROM {prefix}eav_entity_store WHERE entity_type_id IN (SELECT entity_type_id FROM {prefix}eav_entity_type WHERE entity_type_code IN ('order', 'invoice', 'creditmemo', 'shipment'));</pre>

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Category listing alphabetically in magento

$cats = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load(7)->getChildren();
$catIds = explode(',',$cats);
<?php foreach($catIds as $catId): ?>
$category = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->load($catId);
echo '<a href="' . $category->getUrl() . '">';
echo $category->getName() . '</a>';
<?php endforeach; ?>

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