Adding attribute to the new order notification email in magento.

Today for purpose of one my freelancing project I have added attribute to new order Email . So i am going to share this.

Just you have to work on two file only 1. app->design->fronend->themname->default->template->email->order->items.phtml

in here you have add column heading

then you have to go 2. app->design->fronend->themname->default->template->email->order->items->order->default.phtml

here to add attribute you should have write code like

<?php $product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->loadByAttribute('sku', $_item->getSku(), array('Attribute_code')); ?>
 <?php echo $product->getData('Attribute_code'); ?>


hope it will help you.

for more magento tutorial visit:

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