How to get Product attibute name of a specific product in magento

In my running project I faced a problem to print product attribute value for a specific product with product name and SKU. lastly it is solved here is solution so i liked to share it.

<h5><?php echo $this->htmlEscape($_item->getName()) ?></h5> // for product name
 <div><strong><?php echo $this->helper('sales')->__('SKU') ?>:</strong> <?php echo implode('<br />', Mage::helper('catalog')->splitSku($this->htmlEscape($this->getSku()))); ?></div> // for SKU


$_prod = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($_item->getProductId());


//echo $_prod->getDropshipper(); // for printing attribute ID

<h5>Drop Shipper : <?php echo $_prod->getAttributeText('dropshipper')?>  </h5> // for pribting attribute value's name

so enjoy magento

for more magento tutorial visit:

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