Some nice Jquery Menu Plugin

1. Apple-Style Icon Slide Out Navigation – CSS And jQuery
In this tutorial you will learn how to create an Apple-style navigation menu with a twist – it reveals some icons when hovering over it. The icons slide out from the top and when the mouse leaves the link, the icon slides back under the link element.
View Demo

2. Mega Drop Down Menus – CSS And jQuery
In this tutorial Soh Tanaka will learn you how to make an awesome Mega Drop Down Menu with the help of CSS, jQuery and the Hover Intent jQuery plugin from
View Demo

26. jQuery Context Menu Plug-In
A context menu plugin for jQuery that features easy implementation, keyboard shortcuts, CSS styling, and control methods. It was designed to make implementing context menu functionality easy and requires minimal effort to configure.
View Demo

3. Smooth Animated Menu With jQuery
In this tutorial Zach Dunn will teach you how to build a nice jQuery menu with a smooth transition animation effect.
View Demo

4. Fading Menu – Replacing Content
When a menu item is selected, its graphic is shown at full opacity and its corresponding content area is shown, while the other menu items are faded and their content areas hidden. With jQuery, you can fade in the menu item being clicked, fade out all other menu items, display the corresponding content area and hide all the other.
View Demo

5. Fixed Fade Out Menu
This tutorial has the aim to teach you to build a fixed navigation that follows the user when he scrolls, and only subtly showing itself by fading out and becoming almost transparent. When the user hovers over it, the menu then becomes opaque again.
View Demo

5. e24TabMenu – Drop down AJAX Menu
e24TabMenu is a plugin written for scriptaculous. In this tutorial Alfredo Artiles teaches you how to make a nice tab menu that expands and collapses smoothly.
View Demo

6. A Different Top Navigation
In this tutorial you will use jQuery to create a different multi-layered horizontal navigation system that is still intuitive enough for anyone to use for the first time.
View Demo

7. SpriteMenu
This is a method of putting together a nice-looking menu in a very quick and easy way. It uses a technique known as CSS Sprites. The menu is displayed by manipulating the background-position property to display individual sprites in the image.
View Demo

8. Image Menu
A horizontal menu that reveals more of the image as you rollover it. Features 2 optional onClick events (open and close), href passed to onClick events, stays open when clicked, closes when clicked and selects item to pre-open.
View Demo

9. Proto.Menu – Prototype Based Context Menu
Proto.Menu is a simple and lightweight prototype-based solution for context menu functionality on your page. Plays nice with JS turned off and menu styling can be easily defined in external stylesheet.
View Demo

10. Awesomeness-Filled Navigation Menu
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a navigation menu inspired by Dragon Interactive. CSS sprites can dramatically increase a websites performance and with jQuery you will implement awesome transition effects easily.
View Demo

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