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How to Install Magento on windows with Xampp.

Today I have succeded to install Magento to localhost.. To Install Magento not so easy like as joomla or wordpress..Mainly magento is developed for linux operating system so if we  want to install it to windows Xp with Xampp then we need to change some entities of Xampp file which are following..

think will help you on your way. think will help you on your way


Now download Magento  and sample data from here

Rename the downloaderd magento file to magento and keep the renamed file to htdocs of Xamp

now create a database name like ae magento (which I have used) and import sample data to the database magento.

and open an browser write the URL like as http://localhost/magento

then you will get a page like this.


Just clicking agree you need to click continue then you will get a page like this…


here you have to localalize your location.. or bydefault you can click continue.. then you will get like as.

confurationhere no need to change any thing  but batabase name must be same as previous database name’magento “(which i have used). then continue…

after that you will get a adminitration page for account of admin you have to fill up these as your choice like as.


Now  magento is ready.. and login the administration pannel

admin login

then enjoy  to use magento…

If you face some problem to login administration panel then use URL ok  your problem will be solved.