How to start joomla……..

It seems that a lot of new Joomla users want to know how to install Joomla. It’s obviously very easy.. when I was new in joomla i have faced various problem ! so from My experience I am giving you some tutorial as if you can start joomla easily…..

At first you need to download joomla latest version then rename it as joomla. suppose you will work with mySQl server (Xampp) so copy the extract file of joomla and paste it in htdocs. Now start the server(Xampp) and create a database name(‘your choosable) you need to remember it.

Now starting Server goto http://localhost/joomla then you will get a window of configuration…


just click next step…..




If everything is ok click “Next” button.


Next page is the “STEP 1” in our configuration. We have to fill our database configuration. Your hostname is usually “localhost”. We created before the database, username and password. Now, all you have to do is to fill the spaces with the name of the database, username and password. The MySQL Table prefix can be left “jos_” . If is your first installation click the checkbox “Install Sample data”. Click “Next”. A pop-up window will appear to ask you if all info are correct. Verify again and click “Ok”.


Next page is very simple. Type your Site Name and click “Next”. You can Modify you Site name if you want later in the administration area.


In “STEP 3” you will confirm your URL, path, email and password. The URL and path are usually right and you don’t need to make modifications. The e-mail and password is your “Super Administrator” e-mail and password. Type your e-mail and a password. Remember the password because you won’t be able to login in the Administrator Section i you forgot it. Your username is by default “admin”. You can change your username, password and e-mail later in the “Administration Section”. If all done press “Next”


Last Step! You see in this screen your username and password. Also Joomla remember you to delete the “Installation” directory. (Use ftp client for that). Also, you have the configuration file typed. Select all and copy. With your ftp client edit “configuration.php” and type (better “paste”) what is written in this last Step.


That’s all! You can press “View Site” to view your new Joomla Site, or “Administration” to enter in the “Administration Area”.

After login administrative area you can start joomla………..any problem don’t be hasitated just inform me….

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